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Many TMRCA calculators based on YSTR haplotypes exist online, most of them however are only
useful for calculating the genetic distance between 2 individual haplotypes and are therefore not
suitable to calculate the TMRCA for a group of haplotypes.The few available calculators that attempt
at estimating the TMRCA for a group of YSTR haplotypes, come in the form of bulky excel spreadsheets,
which can only handle a single set of mutation rates at a time and make it cumbersome to analyze a user
specfied set of markers. Yet other applications, although maintaining an impressive level of analysis,
are too complicated for the average user to use. This application attempts to overcome some of these
limitations by creating a robust tool that makes it easy to compute central TMRCA estimates for a group
of YSTR haplotypes, by not only simultaneously utilizing marker specific mutation rates from a variety of
sources for each analysis, but also by giving the user the abiltiy to choose any set of loci.


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